Sunday, December 1, 2019

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Angelina Jolie's Most Iconic Looks 28, 2018
The actress and activist wore a floor length black dress with lace details and simple gold earrings to a press conference in Lima, Peru. Jolie, who is on a ...
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Thandie Newton's 'Star Wars' Dress Honored The Franchise's ...

Bustle-May 16, 2018
Thandie Newton's 'Star Wars' Dress Honored The Franchise's Iconic Black Characters In ... Last night, actor Thandie Newton wore a custom, Star Wars dress by ...
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Elizabeth Hurley has her say on that Jennifer Lawrence dress ... 8, 2018
Elizabeth Hurley has her say on that Jennifer Lawrence dress moment ... gown that was very reminiscent of the now iconic safety-pin dress that Elizabeth Hurley ...
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Princess Diana dress exhibition unveils the iconic looks that ...

The Sun-Apr. 26, 2018
Also on show will be a violet body-hugging gown created by Gianni Versace for a ... Film Festival and inspired by Grace Kelly is also amongst the iconic outfits.

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