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Amir Khan weds his stunning student love in lavish ... 3, 2013
Magazine was exclusively invited to the knock-out New York wedding between boxing ace Amir Khan and his beautiful American fiancee Faryal Makhdoom at ...
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Tony Blair sees son Euan marry long-term girlfriend Suzanne ... 14, 2013
... Euan marry long-term girlfriend Suzanne Ashman in lavish wedding ceremony ... apparently made comments about the bride's mother at a pre-wedding family ...
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Tina Turner goes glam in green for wedding

USA TODAY-Jul. 27, 2013
Tina Turner went all out for her weekend wedding. But a white wedding dress? ... The couple, who have been together for 27 years, tied the knot in a lavish ...
Exclusive wedding album: Tina Turner's stunning nuptials
Highly 25, 2013
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Eastwood Daughter's Wedding: Alison Marries TV Sculptor In ... 18, 2013
Clint Eastwood daughter's wedding took place at Saddlepeak Lodge in California ... The guests dined on a lavish menu that included salmon and elk, though the ...

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