Friday, December 6, 2019

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A bride got mad at her bridesmaid for chopping her hair into a ...

Business Insider-Apr. 18, 2019
A bride got mad at her bridesmaid for chopping her hair into a pixie cut without asking permission — here's what wedding planners think they should have done.
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Bride exacts revenge on bridesmaid who announced ... 23, 2019
Spilling all the juicy details on Reddit , the guest explained how they attended their cousin's wedding last summer when one of the bridesmaids, no less, had ...
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Bridesmaid Dress Trends That Are (Hopefully) Long Gone

Our Community Now at Maryland (satire) (press release) (blog)-Aug. 13, 2019
As promised in a previous article, I'm going after the bridesmaid dresses of yore. To date, I've been a bridesmaid once and the Maid of Honor twice, which ...
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Bridesmaids, Take Note: 17 Essentials for a Stress-Free ... 15, 2019
Summer wedding season is in full swing, which means for maids of honor and bridesmaids, it's all hands on deck. As you're packing, there are a few emergency ...

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