Thursday, December 5, 2019

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15 of the most iconic and memorable Met Gala dresses of all ...

Mic-May 1, 2017
Campbell showed up to the 1995 gala in a dazzling, crystal-encrusted gown with exposed seams by Versace. And as iconic as this gown remains, perhaps more ...
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Is Princess Diana's Style Better Than Kate's? Judge for Yourself

Radar Online-Jul. 24, 2017
Princess Diana arriving at the at the Serpentine Gallery, London, in a gown by ... Princess Diana's most iconic dress was her wedding dress, designed by David ...
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10 Hidden Details You Didn't Know About Queen Elizabeth's ... 1, 2017
While Princess Diana's '80s ballgown and Kate Middleton's Grace Kelly-inspired dress were iconic in their own right, don't forget the biggest wedding of them all.
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10 of the most iconic looks from the late Azzedine Alaïa

Emirates Woman-Nov. 19, 2017
10 of the most iconic looks from the late Azzedine Alaïa ... such as the artfully folded neckline on this gown worn to the 2009 SAG Awards by Penelope Cruz.

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