Thursday, December 5, 2019

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13 Iconic '90s Fashion Moments That Every Kid From The Era ...

Bustle-Mar. 5, 2016
The most iconic '90s fashion moments you'll always remember were also some of the ... This particular photo features Ginger's iconic red satin dress that was ...
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30 Photos Of Jackie O. From The Early Days Of American ...

Refinery29-Dec. 16, 2016
If ever there were a more iconic and stylish first lady than Michelle Obama, it was ... Onassis married John F. Kennedy in a ball-skirted, cap sleeve gown by ...
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Whatever Happened to Marilyn Monroe's Famous White Dress? (blog)-Apr. 21, 2016
As far as the dress goes, designer William Travilla created the costume for the star ... have the Ascot number, but she did, in fact, own Marilyn's iconic costume.
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How to Copy Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's Iconic Style (blog)-Sep. 2, 2016
Gown: Gabriela Hearst, Clutch: Mansur Gavriel, 10 of 14. image. Getty Images. Carolyne Bessette-Kennedy and husband JFK ...

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