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cheap pearls of costume-jewelry quality

Story image for pearl jewelry from New York Times

Freshwater Pearls, Made in China

New York Times-Aug. 1, 2011
For two decades, China has been the world's biggest pearl producer, flooding the market with small and cheap pearls of costume-jewelry quality. But now some ...
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Elizabeth Taylor's 5 Most Famous Jewels

Hollywood Reporter-Jun. 29, 2011
Prior to the sale, Taylor's jewelry, fashion, art and memorabilia will go on a ... Shortly after she got it, the pear-shaped pearl was almost eaten by one of her dogs.
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Some Fantastic Stories About How Elizabeth Taylor Amassed Her ...

Business Insider-Dec. 1, 2011
The jewelry is so exquisite, most of it would still sell for a high price even without ... The suite of diamond and cultured pearl "frost" jewelry by House of Taylor is ...
The girl who had everything
In-Depth-Times LIVE-Dec. 3, 2011
Story image for pearl jewelry from Jewelers Circular Keystone Online (blog)

Connecticut Jeweler Talks Profits and Pearls

Jewelers Circular Keystone Online (blog)-Oct. 20, 2011
2 in terms of pearl jewelry sales and his Madison location is No. 9 for the 160 retail stores ... Today, Indorf averages a 58 percent profit margin on all pearl sales.

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