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New rules of jewellery for the modern Indian woman

Hindustan Times-Oct. 14, 2017
Antiquity is the biggest luxury. ... Indigenous pieces from Maharashtra such as the putli haar (a necklace made of coins), ... necklace) and tanmani (a small choker pendant held with pearl strings) are part of the repertoire of any good jeweller.
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Amazon's Best Cyber Monday Jewelry Deals 2017 26, 2017
There's no need to wait until Monday, because we've found some incredible deals on diamond rings, pearl necklaces, gemstone jewelry and more that you can ...
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Did this pendant belong to Anne Frank's childhood friend? Necklace ...

Daily Mail-Jan. 15, 2017
Necklace almost identical to the one owned by tragic author is found under ... A pendant found at a Nazi-occupied concentration camp in Poland belonged to a ...
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Britt's Pick: Vivaan's Flower Garden Diamond Circle Pendant

JCK-Dec. 19, 2017
Enter this pendant from Vivaan, a fabulous array of swirling, sparkling flowers, set with natural-color and rose-cut diamonds. It does possess a slightly wintry vibe ...

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