Saturday, March 30, 2019

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Yoga pants are declared 'iconic' by New York museum

The Independent-Oct. 20, 2017
As for its origins, MoMA credits luxury athletic-wear label, Lululemon, whose ... 111-piece exhibit include a pair of Levi's 501 jeans, a pearl necklace and a sari.
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Theresa May on US Vogue cover

The Straits Times-Jan. 16, 2017
... also from Wakeley, and a pair of sneakers from British luxury brand Burberry ... south Wales last July ) accessorised with a smart and ladylike pearl necklace.
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Jewellery Embraces The Great Outdoors 3, 2017
A Sunburst necklace lived up to its name in white gold set with a ... diamond and pearl drop earrings; Right: the Endless Knot necklace made of 18-carat white ...
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Not your usual San Francisco car burglary — $900K worth of jewelry ...

SFGate-Sep. 22, 2017
The stolen items, police said, included an 18-karat yellow gold tassel necklace, an 18-karat yellow gold cuff bracelet, a diamond and pearl tassel necklace, and ...

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