Saturday, March 30, 2019

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The $6.7 Million 'Jewel of Kashmir' and $5.2 Million 'Cowdray Pearls ...

Forbes-Oct. 8, 2015
The necklace is composed of 42 graduated natural grey pearls measuring ... Crown Jewels, purchased by the American luxury jeweler at auction in 1887, which ...

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43 Spanish Royal Pearls Come to Christie's Auction Block

Robb Report-Nov. 22, 2015
As part of the Important Jewels auction on 2 December 2015, Christie's presents this rare, 19th century natural coloured pearl necklace (estimate: ...
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In My Jewellery Box: Francesca Grima 23, 2015
I mostly wear Grima jewellery but I do have a few pieces that were given to me by my grandmother, such as this pearl necklace, which was made in about 1910.
Story image for luxury, pearl necklace from Forbes

Fine Jewelry Brands Create Bespoke Private Commissions For Their ...

Forbes-Jun. 19, 2015
María Félix commissioned a necklace in gold, yellow diamonds, emeralds and ... of seed pearls, and contributed to popularizing seed pearl jewelry for special ...

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