Sunday, March 31, 2019

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Fashion: Accessories special

Daily Mail-Apr. 18, 2015
HIGH END (RIGHT):quartz, mother-of-pearl and diamond pink-gold watch, .... Necklace, £449, and bracelet, £319, both Swarovski. bag, £495, House of Holland.
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10 Rules For Modern-Day Power Dressing

Haute Living-Dec. 15, 2015
... navy and black, but punched it up with gold accented jewelry, pearl earrings ... (I prefer gold) or keep it simple with one statement piece like a bold necklace.
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Vintage Fashion's Best Kept Secret: Designer Ugo Correani (blog)-Aug. 6, 2015
Correani designed the opulent pearl-draped jewelry for Karl Lagerfeld's very first ... Ugo Correani necklace, $560,; Gianni Versace for Genny by ...
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Wedding Diaries #18: How Miniature Art Inspired Our Jewellery Box

VERVE-Nov. 9, 2015
Get the look: This fine tourmaline, polki jadau necklace is embellished with ... fine jadau, polki necklace, embellished with real basara pearls in 22K gold. At last ...

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