Saturday, March 30, 2019

Story image for luxury, pearl necklace from Haute Time

8 Incredible Pieces of Fringe Jewelry (slideshow)

Haute Time-Sep. 2, 2016
... of jewelry, where innovative designers and tried-and-true brands create fringe-style earrings and necklaces using gold, diamonds, pearls and gemstones.
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Tiffany & Co. and Eddie Borgo Unveil Exquisite New Jewelry

Robb Report-Nov. 21, 2016
... became draped in fluid metal,” says Borgo, who cites the collection's flowing 18-karat-gold collar necklace with pearl pendant as the most difficult to complete.
Story image for luxury, pearl necklace from Robb Report

Cartier Reopens Its Legendary NYC Mansion After a 2.5-Year ...

Robb Report-Sep. 7, 2016
In 1917, Mae Plant, wife of railroad tycoon Morton Plant, exchanged her Fifth Avenue mansion to Pierre Cartier for a two-strand Cartier pearl necklace, which ...
Dusting Off Cartier on Fifth Avenue and Beyond
The Business of Fashion-Sep. 10, 2016
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The Rajah's Pearls

New York Times (blog)-Feb. 29, 2016
A rajah, in his will, left his daughters a certain number of pearls with the instructions to divide them as follows: The oldest daughter was to receive 1 pearl plus 1/7 ...

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