Saturday, March 30, 2019

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Motif to masterpiece

Hindu Business Line-Feb. 19, 2016
The Nagaur necklace is a true work of art with an ingenious union of design and manufacturing. The seven-row pearl necklace, strung on silk threads, bears a ...
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Fabio Salini Creates Fine Jewelry from Unexpected Combinations

Robb Report-Apr. 2, 2016
... and a carbon-fiber necklace with delicate white pearls. “Every piece I create is a balance of different materials, proportions, and colors,” says Salini, who offers ...
Story image for luxury, pearl necklace from Hindu Business Line

50 shades of Pearl

Hindu Business Line-Apr. 20, 2016
Mostly viewed as traditional ornaments, they are often worn as single or double-strand necklaces with pearl studs or single drop earrings in white or cream ...

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'Giant Gems of the Smithsonian' to Open in Dallas

WWD-Sep. 7, 2016
... flower in 17th-century India, a 56-carat amethyst necklace circa 1915 by Louis Comfort Tiffany, and a 396-carat kunzite on a baroque pearl necklace designed ...

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