Saturday, March 30, 2019

Story image for luxury, pearl necklace from Forbes

Suzanne Syz Whimsical High Jewelry and the Necklace Elizabeth ...

Forbes-Jun. 10, 2015
About 15 years ago Suzanne Syz made a turquoise necklace for herself and ... was frustrated with the appearance of most luxury jewelry and found many pieces ... For example, circular rows of these pearls extend outward from an emerald for ...
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10 Museums To Visit If You Love Jewelry

Town and Country Magazine (blog)-Apr. 27, 2015
The Met has all kinds of jewelry on display- from ancient Roman cameos, to this Art Nouveau necklace designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany (the son of the founder ...

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Fine jewellery: Sales of the good stuff are soaring as shoppers target ...

The Independent-Feb. 8, 2015
“Buying luxury jewellery is an experience,” agrees Bec Astley Clarke, who in 2006 ... pearls and more unusual pieces like ear cuffs, there is also a market eager to ... gold and rock crystal necklace that is studded with 375 diamonds weighing a ...
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Big day 5 ways: Whether traditional or trendy, brides go all out

Houston Chronicle-Aug. 1, 2015
... Wheelock has noticed in the 10 years she's operated her luxury Casa de Novia Bridal Boutique on West Gray. .... Necklace and earring set, $195, from Poshak.

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