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better quality pearl jewelry

Story image for pearl jewelry from CBS News

Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry, including famed diamond ring, up for auction

CBS News-Oct. 11, 2011
Burton purchased the pearl for $37,000, outbidding a member of the Spanish royal family. The pearl was then incorporated into a diamond and ruby necklace ...
Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry, Clothing Sparkle for Auction [PHOTOS]
International Business Times-Oct. 11, 2011
Story image for pearl jewelry from Wall Street Journal

Cultured by Luxury Jeweler, Black Pearls Became Chic

Wall Street Journal-Apr. 6, 2011
Although he dealt in all sorts of luxury jewelry, Mr. Assael was sometimes called "The Pearl King" for his near-monopoly on gumball-size black pearls he cultured ...
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Hawaii Jeweler Sells Only Pearls

Jewelers Circular Keystone Online (blog)-Oct. 6, 2011
“Back then, I knew the key was to differentiate myself from the competition was to provide better quality pearl jewelry while offering designs locals and tourists ...
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The Elizabeth Taylor Auction: 5 Things to Know

Hollywood Reporter-Oct. 12, 2011
From her famous La Peregrina pearl to the 33.19-carat Krup Diamond, Elizabeth ... The 269 pieces of jewelry alone are estimated to fetch at least $30 million.

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