Saturday, March 30, 2019

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The World's Rarest Pearls (and How to Wear Them)

Robb Report-Sep. 15, 2017
As we ride the wave of revitalized pearl jewelry, the ocean-born gem ... 23 mm melo melo natural pearl set in an 18-karat rose-gold pendant necklace with 209 ...
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The Pearl Necklace by MIKIMOTO

SENATUS-Mar. 17, 2017
The Pearl Necklace by MIKIMOTO ... cultured pearls, has launched the book entitled The Pearl Necklace, a collaboration between luxury publisher Assouline, ...
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This Strand of Golden Pearls Took Nearly 40 Years to Assemble

Robb Report-May 2, 2017
It took 37 years to assemble the collection of 35 perfectly matched large golden South Sea pearls for this newly unveiled necklace by Jewelmer Joaillerie, the ...

Pearl jewellery renaissance continues with updated designs

South China Morning Post-May 6, 2017
This year sees the continued renaissance in pearl jewellery in the updated designs that gamely ... Mikimoto launches “The Pearl Necklace” book in Hong Kong:.

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