Saturday, March 30, 2019

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Kashmir Sapphire Sells for £1.3 Million at Bonhams Auction 9, 2016
... an Art Deco Emerald and Diamond bracelet by Cartier (£257,000) and a Single-Strand Natural Pearl necklace (£221,000). In total, the Bonhams London Fine ...
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The Queen of pearls: Of all the dazzling jewellery she owns, a pair of ...

Daily Mail-Jun. 11, 2016
When her grandfather George V celebrated his Silver Jubilee in 1935, he gave both his granddaughters pearl necklaces. The then nine-year-old Princess ...
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Flower power: the latest Louis Vuitton Blossom jewels

The Jewellery Editor (blog)-Apr. 1, 2016
The rings with either mother-of-pearl petals or diamonds beg to be stacked, and the ... Even the impressive, one-off Louis Vuitton necklaces have a relaxed feel ...
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Style Spotlight: Modern White Pearl Jewelry

JCK-Apr. 14, 2016
White pearls aren't so staid when set in one of these contemporary designs. ... Pendant necklace in 14k white gold with a white freshwater soufflé pearl and 2.74 ...

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