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Anissa Kermiche: the designer making pearls quirky 13, 2016
Mini pearl and diamond ring, £1175, Anissa Kermiche ... She also creates mildly offensive yet still charming necklace motifs in the shape of a fist with its middle ...

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Masterpiece jewellery highlights 1, 2016
Modelled after the original 'Lei' Necklace, winner of the De Beers Diamonds International Awards in 1965 ... Hemmerle: gold, diamond and pearl tassel earrings

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The Cannes Red Carpet Belongs To Chopard

Forbes-May 12, 2016
This year the luxury brand created 69 jewels in its “Red Carpet Collection” of ... gold necklace set with 76.5 carats of conch pearls and 90.76 carats of diamonds.
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Unique Engagement Jewellery from LV's Blossom Collection

VERVE-Nov. 27, 2016
The monogram flower blooms on soothing sautoir necklaces, pendants, bracelets ... with diamonds and a necklace with medallions of sculpted mother-of-pearl — are ... a métiers d'art, which is rare to find even in watches in the luxury industry.

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