Saturday, March 30, 2019

Story image for luxury, pearl necklace from Forbes

The 2017 Masterpiece London Sparkling Jewelry Preview

Forbes-Jun. 28, 2017
... automaton that was the showstopper at the January SIHH 2017 luxury watch fair ... The Bliss and Peace necklace by Wallace Chan, which uses an imperial ...

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Gucci Moves Its Fine Jewelry Line Upmarket

New York Times-Dec. 5, 2017
... house that in recent years has become fashion's all-conquering luxury brand. ... Tigers, snakes, lions and foxes form necklaces, bracelets and rings, mirroring ...
Story image for luxury, pearl necklace from The Australian Financial Review

Pearls are making a comeback (despite their price)

The Australian Financial Review-Nov. 21, 2017
For example, a Paspaley necklace sold for $HK16.14 million ($2.8 million) at ... There is also rising customer demand for luxury goods with sustainability ...
Story image for luxury, pearl necklace from Daily Mail

A (not so) casual outing! Kate Upton wears diamonds and pearls as ...

Daily Mail-Mar. 14, 2017
Kate Upton wears diamonds and pearls as she goes to sandwich shop ... diamond engagement ring and a pearl necklace during her outing in upmarket Irvine.

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