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Dinner fit for a Queen: The secrets of Buckingham Palace's Royal ... 25, 2015
A Louis Haghe watercolour depicts one from July 7 1855: Queen Victoria, dressed in white, with a tiara and pearl necklace and seated on the throne, awards an ...
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Happy hours

Livemint-Nov. 19, 2015
Around her neck is a long string necklace from the Happy Hearts jewellery ... with single diamonds and others in mother-of-pearl or coral-coloured enamelling. ... As a luxury market, Scheufele describes India as “an important and growing ...
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Now it's Princess Patchy! Pushy shows she has an eye for style with ...

Daily Mail-May 28, 2015
... wore a black eye-patch over her left eye after recent surgery, but still beamed in a pair of ornate diamond-studded earrings with a statement pearl necklace.

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FabergĂ© Pearl Egg: The First Imperial-Class Egg In Nearly 100 Years

Quill & Pad-Apr. 3, 2015
The year was 1870, and Russia was in the throes of the luxury-obsessed czarist .... Along with the Pearl Egg, Al-Fardan acquired a matching FabergĂ© necklace ...

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to face the facts when some leaders have expressed a particular interest in the responses of certain respondents. Conducting one study in the suburban farm, I took the completed questionnaire in a specially designated room and neatly folded in a pile on the table. I had to leave for some minutes. Returning, I found the following picture: my assistant, allocated by the administration of the farm and worked in the administration, frantically flipping through profiles, looking for answers of individual respondents. This is done in the eyes of ancesteral, after I convinced them of the anonymity of the survey and use it only for research purposes. I had to refuse the services of this assistant, but the rumor that questionnaires are reviewed by the administration, has flowed through to the company, and was ashamed and embarrassed in front of the workers. This lesson stuck with me forever.
It is impossible not to agree with tsoneva and Venediktov, who wrote: "the Basis of any bias lies in the conscious or unconscious assumption of the respondents that their responses can be used as their personal characteristics. That's why personal research is presented categorical requirement that the personal information used for statistical purposes only, in no case and under no circumstances they can serve as individual information about the respondents the person". We can not support absolutely categorical requirement S. Mikhailov: " is Absolutely unacceptable to make official, organizational, and political insights of the subject based on the information gathered in empirical sociological study".
Personal data cannot be used to draw conclusions about personal not only for reasons of ethical nature. This can not be done because the methodology of the questionnaire is constructed in such a way that explores only some of the laws of a General nature on its frequency expression and private expression. And if we can say something about the totality of the people, to draw a generalized portrait, it does not mean that we can draw a portrait and to characterize the specific person in his answers to the questionnaire. This requires special techniques type of psychological tests. Between these methods there is a fundamental difference. Conclusions about a person by their answers to the questionnaires can be completely wrong.
The problem of anonymity is not the last place in the drama of the questionnaire. Properly constructed and conducted study suggests as one of the first and most important conditions for the preservation of anonymity or at least privacy of the Respondent. Respondents must be fully confident. Only under this condition it is possible to expect to receive sincere answers and reliable results. Therefore, sociologists are doing everything possible to and in form and substance to preserve the principle of anonymity. In the instructions to the form be sure to emphasize the fact of anonymity of the questionnaire. At the instruction of ancesteral sociologist necessarily sharpens the attention and asked to convey this information to the respondents. To preserve anonymity, use various techniques and procedures of the survey. For example, the questionnaire respondents did not hand over anketell who carried out the survey, and dipped in a specially prepared box. As ancesteral should never be used of managers of the company where conducted the study. For this purpose it is desirable to attract outsiders. Of course, all this creates additional difficulties in carrying out research, but it has to go for cleanliness studies, which, ultimately, depend on valid and reliable research results.