Saturday, March 30, 2019

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Princess Diana's Diamond "Swan Lake" Necklace Is Up for Auction 1, 2017
The newest piece of the late princess to go on sale is a stunning diamond and pearl necklace, worn to one of her last public engagements before her death in ...
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Provenance and pearl necklaces

The Hindu-Nov. 24, 2017
Highlights from the sale include a Shrinathji red enamel gold, pearl and ruby necklace by Harvey & Gore, London, a ceremonial necklace from Jaipur featuring ...
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Pearls make a comeback, with rising interest from connoisseurs and ...

South China Morning Post-Nov. 8, 2017
... founder of the eponymous luxury jewellery and watch company – traded a magnificent double-strand natural pearl necklace and US$100 for a mansion in ...
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Rare Conch Pearl Designs Revealed by Lugano Diamonds

Robb Report-May 10, 2017
Conch Pearl Necklace: This stunning design is a beautiful vine of diamond flowers with pink conch pearl centers in various sizes. It also has 22.43 carats of rose ...

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