Friday, April 19, 2019

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Miss Aist and Mr. Adlong exchange vows at Fellowship Baptist Church

Log Cabin Democrat-Nov. 26, 2014
Her hair was adorned with two pearl combs. Her jewelry included a pearl necklace, a wedding gift from the groom, and her mother's pearl earrings and bracelet.

Eating, shucking and loving the Chesapeake oyster

Baltimore Sun-Jun. 10, 2014
The Pearl Necklace Stout is made by adding oyster shells to the beer during the brewing process. ... The stout and oyster pairing has a long history, says Brophy.
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A Trove Both Precious and Powerful

Wall Street Journal-Dec. 23, 2014
Pearls, to which India had great access, suddenly became the rarer and more valuable ... And it illustrates another turn in the history of jewelry, with women now ...
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Where Elmo's People Shop: Broadway Silk Store in Astoria

New York Times-Jan. 9, 2015
Ms. White runs the store now, though her mother, Pearl Gould, 84, owns it. ... who is on the board of the Greater Astoria Historical Society and is often in the area. On a recent Tuesday, she was wearing a ring, a hat and a necklace, all bought ...

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