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Story image for art deco pearl necklace from JCK

Polly Wales' New Diamond Arcade Bridal Jewelry Collection

JCK-Sep. 4, 2014
And since Wales' new faceted diamond pieces had an Art Deco vibe, she named the collection Arcade, a nod to the decorative structures designed in the early ...
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from JCK

Alexis Bittar Opens Another Quirky-Cool Boutique in Chicago

JCK-Jun. 12, 2014
The interior of the 908-square-foot boutique is “1940s deco–meets–industrial,” ... collections: Miss Havisham (an aesthetic fusion of Art Deco and punk rock), ...

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Meet the woman bringing eye-popping international jewellery to ...

The Globe and Mail-Oct. 3, 2014
... described as the “FabergĂ© of our time” by Diane von Furstenberg) and American deco-jewellery designer Miriam Haskell (who famously ... I love to create and I like to experiment with different media in my art. ... The diamond sits inside a mother-of-pearl flower ($3,800). A multicolour gem and diamond necklace ($10,600).
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The Insider: Shourouk Rhaiem

The National-Apr. 30, 2014
... of three interchangeable straps and bezels in vintage art-deco onyx and crystal ... However, brand Shourouk's dazzlingly colourful statement necklaces ran ... with his ribbons, pearls and stones, Prada and Marni, but otherwise it was boring.

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