Sunday, April 21, 2019

Story image for 1920s pearl necklace from New York Times

In Jewelry, Tassels Hold Sway

New York Times-Sep. 11, 2018
A well-known example of Chaumet's mastery of tassels is an archive piece from the 1920s: the Bayadère necklace, a cascade of seed pearls ...
Story image for 1920s pearl necklace from Boat International

Stone age: The modern man's guide to wearing jewellery

Boat International-Feb. 19, 2019
Necklaces with pendants often look best when layered rather than worn singly. ... Well-dressed men in the 1920s and 30s would have often sported a ... Mother-of-pearl stays are things of beauty but can be fragile, while ...
Story image for 1920s pearl necklace from Daily Mail

Lupita Nyong'o and Danai Gurira show off their red carpet prowess as ...

Daily Mail-Mar. 30, 2019
... 5ft5in star's gorgeously made-up face and a restrained diamond necklace. ..... She wore a pearl dress with a slit to show off her strong figure and a .... Dear White People's Logan Browning channeled a 1920s flapper with ...
Story image for 1920s pearl necklace from Forbes

Daisy Buchanan's $4.7 Million Pearl Necklace

Forbes-May 23, 2013
The price jump is because natural saltwater pearls were common in the 1920swhen high end jewelers would travel to the Bahrain to pull them ...

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