Sunday, April 21, 2019

Story image for art deco pearl necklace from Minneapolis Star Tribune

Edina woman claims to have made world's largest beaded wedding ...

Minneapolis Star Tribune-Nov. 16, 2014
She began beading again, producing necklaces with strands of cascading beads, which ... Her style is a mix of 1920s art deco and ancient fantasy. ... the world's largest beaded wedding dress, she started beading together pearls and crystals.
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from JCK

Skinny Stones: 5 New Diamond Baguette Jewels

JCK-Nov. 12, 2014
The shape has long had a home in original Art Deco jewelry and as side stones in ... Fine necklace and Baby lock in 18k gold with 0.12 ct. inverted diamond ...
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from Irish Independent

The art of seduction

Irish Independent-Feb. 8, 2014
This bra has subtle Art Deco styling and the panel detail is echoed in the ... Tangerine babydoll, €56, bra, €46 and briefs, €23, all Passionata; necklace, .... They have deep hems, a drawstring waist, silk piped trims and mother of pearl

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