Monday, April 22, 2019

Story image for 1920s pearl necklace from The Detroit News

Treasure: Jewelry longtime go-to gift

The Detroit News-Feb. 16, 2018
Verderame took a look at a pretty pearl set still stored in its original “French ... the early 20th century and often found with jewelry in the 1920s,” she added. ... showed that the company actually had seven 'grades' of necklaces.
Story image for 1920s pearl necklace from Plain Dealer

'Great Gatsby' style of 1920s carries over to today

Plain Dealer-Jun. 4, 2013
'Great Gatsby' style of 1920s carries over to today ... meant loose-fitting drop-waist dresses, beaded little bags, the cloche and pearl necklaces.
Story image for 1920s pearl necklace from Los Angeles Times

1920s fashion roars back in 'The Great Gatsby'

Los Angeles Times-Apr. 20, 2013
They can also break the bank at Tiffany & Co. on the kind of tasseled pendantnecklaces and bejeweled diamond-and-pearl headpieces that ...
Story image for 1920s pearl necklace from Wall Street Journal

Get $4900 Worth of Chanel Cachet for $625

Wall Street Journal-Dec. 13, 2017
Then, in the 1920s and '30s, along with utilitarian garments like cardigans ... Meanwhile, Gucci's $880 faux-pearl and crystal-encrusted ring in the shape ... A tasseled liquid-metal necklace from Prada's 2018 Resort line, sleek ...

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