Sunday, April 21, 2019

Story image for art deco pearl necklace from Clothes on Film

The Secret Sharer: Abbie Cornish & Andrea Riseborough in WE

Clothes on Film-Mar. 19, 2012
... such as cocktail rings, diamond brooches, earrings with precious stones, cuffs featuring Art Deco detailing, long jet beads and a necklace with pearls the size ...
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Treasures of the Sea: Amazing South Sea Pearls

ArtfixDaily (blog)-Dec. 19, 2012
The peerless, glowing luster of these white South Sea pearls makes them both ... This Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace boasts 31 magnificent jewels of the ...
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from New York Times

Indian Jewelers Put Their Work on World Stage

New York Times-Mar. 19, 2012
“I see jewels as art objects,” Mr. Bhagat said. ... said Mr. Bhagat's delicate Mogul-inspired style “with a modern deco flair has found a great following.” He noted by e-mail from New York last month that a diamond and pearl sautoir necklace, ...
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from The Hindu

Madras' pushy First Lady

The Hindu-Oct. 23, 2012
... Road, to the art-deco edifice which Sankara Nethralaya purchased in 1998. ... to be gifted anything she liked – from pearl necklaces to mahogany toilet seats.

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