Sunday, April 21, 2019

Story image for art deco pearl necklace from Forbes

Diamond Tiara Highlights a Royal Auction at Christie's London

Forbes-May 28, 2012
One of the top pieces of the sale is an Art Deco diamond tiara by Cartier ... led by the Cowdray Pearls, a rare natural pearl necklace, composed of a single row of ...
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from New York Times

A Rare Gathering of Cartier's Best

New York Times-Dec. 6, 2012
That is why he opted for the “Modern Style” at the expense of Art Nouveau — which ... them several Indian maharajahs, and precious materials, like Bahrain pearls. ... An example of the Tutti Frutti style is the “Hindu necklace” commissioned in ...
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from The Economist (blog)

Lord of the rings

The Economist (blog)-Nov. 2, 2012
Along with the pearl necklacesart-deco brooches, gold bangles and diamond earrings there was an 11.7-carat, deep blue sapphire stone in a plain platinum ...
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A charmed life: Reclusive copper heiress' jewelry brings $21million at ...

Daily Mail-Apr. 17, 2012
Making a statement: An art deco diamond and multi-gem bracelet with animal ... Classic: A single-strand pearl and diamond necklace by Tiffany & Co fetched ...

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Anonymous said...

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New artistic languages as a reaction of rejection from the official rituals
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