Sunday, April 21, 2019

Story image for art deco pearl necklace from Toronto Star

Dupuis jewelry auction entices collectors: Style Czar

Toronto Star-Jun. 9, 2015
“It is true that when it comes to fine jewels, unlike art, there is intrinsic value in its material parts. The Picasso, which just sold at auction for $179 million, for ...
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from ArtfixDaily

Treasures by Tiffany and Lalique among Highlights of Rago's Great ...

ArtfixDaily-Nov. 12, 2015
Lot 1010: Art Nouveau Plique-A-Jour Morning Glory Necklace, Attrib. to Marcus ... Lot 1023: Louis Comfort Tiffany Aquamarine and Pearl Platinum Pendant ...
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from Memphis Magazine

Fall Fashion: Noir Chic

Memphis Magazine-Nov. 6, 2015
Moonstone Quartz, freshwater pearl, and multi-chain “Party Necklace” by Brave Design, $198, from Spruce. Coral, diamond, and white gold Art Deco earrings ...


Anonymous said...

Sign character of language was well understood by V. Khlebnikov,when
he wrote: "while playing with dolls, the child will genuinely burst into tears when
his bundle of rags is dying, is terminally ill; to have the wedding of the two meetings
rags, completely indistinguishable from each other, at best flat
blunt ends of the head. During the game the cloth is alive, real people,
with heart and passion. Hence the understanding of language as game dolls; it from
the sound of cloth sewn dolls to all the things of the world. People talking on one
language-participants of this game. For people who speak another language, such
sonic dolls --

the background of semiotics in Russia 58
just a collection of audio rags. Thus, the word-sound doll
dictionary -- a collection of toys" (Khlebnikov B. Creations. - M, 1986.
S. 627).

Anonymous said...

Khlebnikov turns to the past of the language, seeing it in the future
the nature of its operation. Two aspects of the functioning of he
considers to be Central today. First, it's uniting, not divisive
the function of language. Second-it is his attention to the language of witchcraft, conspiracy
more natural and more affecting form.
Languages in the past, said Vladimir Khlebnikov, serve to unite people.
"Languages change its glorious past. When words destroyed
enmity and made the future clear and calm, languages, walking on the steps
United people 1) caves, 2) villages, 3) a tribe, tribal Union, 4)
state -- in a sane world, the Union changes the value of reason for one
and the same exchange sounds. Savage understood of savage, and aside blind
weapons. Now they are changing their past, are the cause of enmity and, as
a kind of exchange sounds for the rational exchange of goods, divided
multilanguage the mankind on the mills of the customs of the struggle, a number of verbal
markets, beyond which this language is not walking. Each system
sonorous money claim to the supremacy, and, thus, the languages as such
serve the separation of humanity and lead Ghost wars" (Ibid.
S. 621).