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Queen's Necklace to get another string of pearls in 18 months

Times of India-Sep. 13, 2013
Queen's Necklace to get another string of pearls in 18 months ... An Art Deco walk, to cover the stretch along the boulevard's 39 Art Deco buildings, is also being ...
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A Sweeping Look at More Than 4 Centuries of Jewelry From India

New York Times-Nov. 13, 2013
It was exhibited in 1925 at the Exposition des Arts D√©coratifs et Industriels Modernes, ... modern piece — both Indian in inspiration and a precursor of the ArtDeco style. ... with spinels and natural pearls — two gems much favored in Mughal jewelry. ... In 2011, an imperial Mughal necklace made of polished spinels, three of ...
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Tiffany's '20s-inspired Blue Book collection debuts

OCRegister-Apr. 23, 2013
A $135,000 art deco-inspired platinum cuff in the Jazz Age Glamour ... a $1,200 cultured pearl and sterling silver necklace brings to mind the image of a flapper ...
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Life and Style wRap: Gucci show, French cafe with cats

Rappler-Sep. 20, 2013
... den, with billowing see-through tops and Art Nouveau-style floral patterns. ... have dimmed Marilyn Monroe's love for the necklace of cultured pearls given to ...

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