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How to plan a Roaring '20s-themed wedding 1, 2014
Source dresses on Ebay, where silk, pearl and lace-trimmed originals ... markets for inexpensive brooches and necklaces to trim napkins and cutlery. ... started, enlist a few friends to show off some simple 1920s moves like the ...
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Where East and West Meet at Cartier

New York Times-Mar. 18, 2015
... influences can be seen in the use of lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl. ... A. The exhibition will show several mystery clocks from the 1920s that ... including the Barbara Hutton jadeite necklace that Cartier bought back ...
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The Fashionable Return of Fine Jewellery

The Business of Fashion-Jan. 27, 2014
“I didn't want to wear jewellery that I felt bourgeois with — like pearls — I ... artistic director of the firm started by her great grandfather in the 1920s. ... for example, or a fish-shaped pendant set with sapphire and brown and ...
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Steven Mnuchin's Fiancée Accidentally Makes a Case for Higher Taxes

Vanity Fair-Jun. 23, 2017
Some diamond earrings: “These date back to the 1920s. ... A diamond necklace: “The stones are brilliant cut which makes them sparkle at night. ... a pair of pearldrop earrings, a diamond brooch of two parrots kissing a pearl, ...

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