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Story image for art deco pearl necklace from New York Times

A Sampling of '20s- and '30s-Style Bars, Clubs and Restaurants

New York Times-May 1, 2014
NIGHT and day, New York reveals itself as the Art Deco capital of the world. I don't ... and office lights sparkling below, and the city's bridges stretching like diamond necklaces in the distance. ... A little farther downtown is Odeon, another pearl.
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from Financial Times

Interview: Giampiero Bodino

Financial Times-Jun. 5, 2014
... is a necklace with five cameos set among its strings of Akoya cultured pearls, ... It is a sister property to Villa Necchi Campiglio, the art deco home that served ...
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from ArtfixDaily

Largest Known Near-Round Natural Saltwater Pearl Will Auction at ...

ArtfixDaily-Nov. 5, 2014
On December 7, 2014, Rago Arts and Auction Center will auction the largest near-round natural ... It is family lore that this pearl was part of an earlier necklace. ... Open House with guest Speaker, Benjamin Macklowe, "Art Nouveau: A Jewel in ...
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from ArtfixDaily

Bonhams to Sell Diamond Frog Gifted to Wallis Simpson and A 'River ...

ArtfixDaily-Sep. 2, 2014
Seventy-five pearls, fastened with a diamond clasp, make up the second most valuable lot in the sale - a single-strand natural saltwater pearl necklace dating ...

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Anonymous said...

"only in rare cases, sense, improved by reading novels,
begins to affect things. Managers themselves "sensitive" literature
recognize that the world of fantasy is one thing, and the world of reality -- all
more. In a world of fantasy they can be dreamers and poets in the world
actually they are bureaucrats and feudalists" (Milyukov
P. Essays on the history of Russian culture. Part 2. SPb., 1902. S. 201)
As you can see, the Western influence primarily occurs at the level of
borrowing phenomena of life, not of ideas, which is the only semiotically more
mismatched, because ideas come more often in the context that
at the preliminary stage, it generates the semiotics of a different life. But in
domestic problems, the making of symbols out of reality is very
an important place. Take only two examples of "nation-building"
the methods of semiotics.
Ivan The Terrible - the king leaves the capital, taking with him the Treasury,
utensils, icons, dress.. "It is as if the abdication, with the aim
to test the strength of his power among the people. (...) Everything came to a standstill, the capital instantly
interrupted their regular classes: the shop closed, the orders are empty, song
silent. In the confusion and horror of the city screamed, asking the Metropolitan, the bishops, and
the boyars to go to the settlement, to brow beat the Emperor, that he never left the state"
(Klyuchevskii The course of Russian history. Part II. M., 1912. P. 224). Ivan
Ivan makes a semiotic act (since we have quasithree),
getting purely semiotic response to following the course.