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Style Profile: Serene Sky

OCRegister-Oct. 29, 2013
Or maybe, you want the world to know you're up on the latest trends with the leather-wrap bracelets, the gold snake ring or the art deco geometric necklace.
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Get 'The Great Gatsby' look for less: Roaring Twenties fashions that ...

New York Daily News-May 24, 2013
The items start at $26 for a faux pearl necklace for women; for men, the items ... while the average selling price for "art deco" jewelry is $91 Shoppers can get ...
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The 10 Best statement earrings

The Independent-Feb. 17, 2013
This black Tahitian pearl earring is “stabbed through its heart” by an 18-carat ... are 4.3cm long and work well mixed up with silver and gold necklaces and rings. ... These 8cm-long art deco-inspired drop earrings combine fluorescent yellow ...
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Flapper fashion: Get a 'Great Gatsby'-inspired look 15, 2013
... added layers of art deco jewelry, including rings, bracelets and necklaces. ... embellished headbands with pearls and rhinestones give off a "Gatsby" vibe as ...

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