Monday, April 22, 2019

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When 1930s glamour meets 1970s disco chic 6, 2016
For example, womenswear in 2013 was heavily, if not wholly, inspired by the mixed media — velvet and silk, florals and stripes — of the 1920s.
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5 New Gems to Read

New York Times-Mar. 21, 2019
... yellow gold, accented with pearls, rubies and diamonds, and a rose gold knuckle ring ... from the house's emblematic red to its 1920s-era signature blue and green, including a platinum Panthère Impérieuse necklace with a ...
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Exceptional Jewels At Masterpiece 2018

HarpersBazaarArabia-Jun. 25, 2018
... the high jewellery emporium boasts a history dating back to 1850 and by the 1920s was selling rare gemstones and natural pearls sourced ...
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Home Tour: Actor Eddie Albert's $19.5 Million California Hacienda Is a ...

Robb Report-Sep. 13, 2017
... who popularized early California colonial architecture in the 1920s ... of Jackie Onassis's pearl necklace can be found in a drawer upstairs.

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