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Story image for art deco pearl necklace from San Francisco Chronicle

Meriwether McGettigan's estate jewelry

San Francisco Chronicle-Jan. 6, 2013
But McGettigan, a certified gemologist and Art Deco expert, also savors sharing ... pearls," a superlative strand of multihued South Sea pearls that her husband, ...
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from Wall Street Journal

Costume-Jewelry Collector Barbara Berger's Worldly Wisdom

Wall Street Journal-Jun. 21, 2013
It's glass, enamel, imitation pearls and plated metal—or rather, what designers have created with those ... About 450 items—including a Maison Gripoix necklacedripping with rhinestones and white feathers, ... Great finds—a lot of Art Deco.

Jewelry designer Craiger Drake shines in Rittenhouse (blog)-Aug. 15, 2013
Behind the doors of his spacious store in Rittenhouse, jewelry designer Craiger Drake houses his exclusive designs in a stylish, yet welcoming ambiance.
Story image for art deco pearl necklace from SENATUS

Tiffany & Co. Brings American Glamour of The Great Gatsby to ...

SENATUS-May 14, 2013
Named for New York's legendary Ziegfeld Theatre, a model of Art Deco ... the era's cool elegance with elongated strands of pearls, black onyx and sterling silver.

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