Friday, April 19, 2019

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A fantasy foreign policy will not defeat the ISIL nightmare

The National-Sep. 1, 2014
Think of this narrative as a pearl necklace, with the pearls as political events and the string as the story holding them all together in a coherent whole. For jihadists, their pearl necklace is complete: they easily string together the Iraq war, the ...
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Elise Lauren Bauman and John Chalko IV exchange vows

Manisteenews-Aug. 24, 2014
She wore an ivory gown, trimmed with lace, and her grandmother's pearl necklace. She carried a bouquet of ivory roses. The bridesmaids were Ashley Bauman ...
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What These 12 Famous Historical Couples Would Be Wearing On ...

Bustle-Jan. 21, 2015
Or rather, famous historical couples and their love stories do. ... earrings, a huge gold statement necklace, gold rings, gold bracelets, and gold sandals. ... ensemble completed with a power tiara on her head and pearls around her fine neck.
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'The Last of Mrs. Cheyney' and 'The Law and the Lady' Do a ...

PopMatters-Oct. 17, 2014
... she's part of a gang that intends to steal a valuable pearl necklace, but when ... Law and the Lady, which re-imagines the whole piece to tell the "origin story" of ...

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