Monday, March 18, 2019

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Michelle Obama Received $244000 in Foreign Gifts

U.S. News & World Report-Feb. 15, 2011
... President Obama received a $6,000 handcarved ebony wooden sculpture from the President of Tanzania, Michelle Obama received a $14,200 pearl necklace ...
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Salvador Assael, 88, Dies; Coaxed Riches From Pearls

New York Times-Apr. 12, 2011
Salvador Assael, a titan of the cultured pearl business whose wares were prized ... jewelry business, at once larger than life and secretive to the point of opacity.
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Jewelry Made From Cat Fur Now Exists. Thanks, Internet

Wired News (blog)-Jun. 28, 2011
... fur balls attached to a branchlike necklace that "would be appropriate at any gala event," and some more classic necklaces which look a little like chunky pearl ...
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The Glittering Legacy of Elizabeth Taylor

New York Times-Sep. 12, 2011
(Burton outbid the Spanish court at an auction in 1969, buying the pearl for his wife's 37th birthday.) But the necklace that the pearl dangles from is equally ...

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