Wednesday, March 13, 2019

stunning pearl drop gem-encrusted earrings

Story image for pearl earrings from CNET

Inside story of the jewellery Crazy Rich Asians characters wore, and a ...

South China Morning Post-Oct. 10, 2018
Some viewers may already know that the stunning pearl drop gem-encrusted earrings, bought by aristocratic Astrid Young (played by Gemma ...
Story image for pearl earrings from CBS News

Marie Antoinette's jewels, smuggled out of France before her death ...

CBS News-Oct. 27, 2018
They include a monogrammed diamond ring along with a lock of her hair, earringsand a rare drop pearl with a starting price of $1 million.
Story image for pearl earrings from Washington Post

What is Ginni Thomas saying now? The evolution of an unusually ...

Washington Post-Dec. 27, 2018
What is going on with Ginni Thomas? She looks and sounds like the Washington wife of yore, with the pearl earrings, the Reagan-red cocktail ...
Story image for pearl earrings from New York Times

The Secret History of Women, Told in Earrings

New York Times-Nov. 29, 2018
LUCCA, Italy — Atop a rustic wooden table, hundreds of earrings sat in ... Then there were a pair known as “hands of love,” in mother-of-pearl, ...

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