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some of the rarest pearls have soared in the past year

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Yael Sonia's New Collection Turns Fine Jewelry Into Literal Child's Play 15, 2017
There is an abacus-style necklace made from white gold and inky black Tahitian pearls; swinging pendulum pendants wrought from citrine and ...

Trade secrets: Pearl farming techniques are kept under wraps

Financial Times-Jun. 8, 2012
Prices for some of the rarest pearls have soared in the past year by between 30 percent for 15 millimeter Tahitian peacock pearls, which are ...

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50 shades of Pearl

Hindu Business Line-Apr. 20, 2016
The Fire and Ice collection by Ganjam, for example, uses various shades of Tahitian pearls and incorporates them into contemporary jewellery.
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Island-hopping in French Polynesia is a thrill, even when it rains

Houston Chronicle-Aug. 26, 2015
Like so many Tahitian pearls, Tikehau - an atoll within the Tuamotu archipelago - is a hidden gem. After a short flight from Papeete and a brief ...

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