Saturday, March 16, 2019

reconstructing pearl jewelry

Story image for pearl jewelry from Forbes

New Oyster Cult: Edgy, Contemporary Baroque Pearl Jewelry

Forbes-Aug. 8, 2016
Once used largely for fashion jewelry because of their abundance and affordability, fine jewelry designers have been finding new uses for these pearls. Baroque ...
Story image for pearl jewelry from Wall Street Journal

Pearl Jewelry That Is Anything But Prim

Wall Street Journal-Jul. 11, 2016
These designers have been busy deconstructing and reconstructing pearl jewelry and, in the edgy, freewheeling designs they've wrought, pearls suddenly ...

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The Olympian with the Pearl Earring (blog)-Aug. 10, 2016
If pearls are a girl's best friend, chlorinated water and high-speed swimming are ... He added that platinum and gold jewelry will fare better in chlorine than ...
Story image for pearl jewelry from Robb Report

Striking New Pearl Jewelry

Robb Report-Oct. 28, 2016
For centuries, pearls have captivated us with their pleasing hues, unique shapes, and alluring sheen. This fall, a wave of lavish jewelry designs—from necklaces ...

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