Tuesday, March 19, 2019

providing customers with high-quality jewelry

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Hidden Pearl is a gem selling vintage clothing, accessories: Places In ...

Plain Dealer-Dec. 23, 2009
To walk into the Hidden Pearl is to be greeted first by a stupendous array of vintage jewelry. Select any piece, and Houser can date it. "This necklace is from the ...

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Pearl Jam cuts out the middleman with "Backspacer"

Reuters-Aug. 31, 2009
“Backspacer” will also be sold on Pearl Jam's Web site and at Apple's iTunes Music .... he got upset when he saw vintage typewriter keys being used as jewelry.
Story image for pearl jewelry from Reuters

Japan pearls in peril amid recession, competition

Reuters-Jun. 8, 2009
MIE, Japan (Reuters) - Japan's akoya pearl industry, which began in the 1890s ... “We want to keep providing customers with high-quality jewelry, whether it's ...

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