Friday, March 15, 2019

precious pearls used to design and create

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Mikimoto Unveils its "Praise to Nature" High Jewelry Collection

Blouinartinfo-Oct. 13, 2017
The collection is an ode to Mother Nature who is the protector of the precious pearls used to design and create these pieces. Apart from the jewelry pieces, ...
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This Unexpected Accessory Is Poised To Make A Comeback ...

Refinery29-Feb. 11, 2017
As far as accessories go, a pearl necklace is pretty much the farthest thing from trendy. It can be a cherished family heirloom, or a rite-of-passage gift for some ...
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Here are five wedding jewellery trends to follow this summer

Hindustan Times-Mar. 28, 2017
Ditch chunky neck jewellery in the scorching heat. Go for pearl strings or delicate multi-layer pieces when you attend a summer wedding. Manju Kothari (Entice ...
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How to explore the pearls at Greenhills 11, 2017
When she was in Manila for a concert in 2013, Rihanna took a side trip to the Greenhills Shopping Center (GSC) to buy South Sea pearl earrings and a necklace ...

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