Sunday, March 17, 2019

Pearls were the first real jewelry

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Falling for the Flip Side

Wall Street Journal-Mar. 22, 2013
TO THE CASUAL OBSERVER, jewelry is all about catching the eye—how a stone captures the light, or the way a certain shade of gold complements the skin.
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Ultimate Shopping Summer Weekend With Jewelry Designer Jennifer ...

Hollywood Reporter-Jun. 27, 2013
Start at Pearl Drop (328 S. Lincoln Blvd.), the latest retail offering from longtime L.A. designer (and Jack Nicholson spawn) Jennifer Nicholson, who stocks her ...
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Pearls as wearable works of art 26, 2013
Pearls were the first real jewelry I ever had. Before I evolved into an obsessive accessory junkie, I used to wear only a strand of pearls and simple earrings.
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Ann Ong's award-winning jewelry designs: Dash of rawness and dose ... 28, 2013
Ong wears a braided leather necklace with strands of local pearls in organic shapes. Her wrists are adorned with a gold-rimmed molave cuff encrusted with ...

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