Saturday, March 16, 2019

new pearl jewelry collection

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21 Things You Didn't Know About Audrey Hepburn, Who Would Be 85 ...

Bustle-May 4, 2014
Today is what would have been Audrey Hepburn's 85th Birthday. Though she died way back in 1993 it seems that every day we are still reminded of the power ...
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Mary Barra's Pearl Harbor Moment: 'I Never Want You To Forget' How ...

Forbes-Jun. 5, 2014
General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra issued a strong rebuke to employees Thursday morning, saying an independent investigation found "a pattern of ...
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Warwick man finds rare pearl in quahog

Turn to 10-May 7, 2014
When he's had time, he's researched what the pearl may be worth. ... Kelsey Morales, Michael's wife, said she has enough jewelry, so they're selling it on eBay ...
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Don't Miss: Irene Neuwirth

W Magazine-Oct. 3, 2014
I'm hoping to cook there, ” says the jewelry designer, who constantly ... primarily exclusive pieces, including a new pearl collection and hand-painted pendants.

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