Thursday, March 14, 2019

natural pearl stick-pins in silk cravats

Story image for pearl brooch from Daily Mail

Ready for her close-up! Ivanka Trump waves at the camera while ...

Daily Mail-Aug. 2, 2018
Ivanka spruced up her blazer with a pearl brooch on her lapel and kept the .... She also wore a gold and pearl brooch and small hoop earrings, ...
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14 Modern Ways to Wear a Brooch—And Make It Look Seriously Cool

StyleCaster-Oct. 28, 2015
It's unfortunate that brooches have gotten such a stodgy reputation, considering they're one of the most versatile and underutilized accessories out there.
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Elton John's Farewell Tour Wardrobe, Explained

New York Times-Sep. 7, 2018
... pearl or gold sequined trims and 3-D embroidered embellishments, ... broochesshaped like thistles, pineapples, starfish and overflowing ...
Story image for pearl brooch from Daily Beast

History's Most Fabulous Men Wore Jewels

Daily Beast-Apr. 7, 2018
Gone are the days of natural pearl stick-pins in silk cravats, jeweled .... Throughout this year, John can be seen wearing this brooch quite often.

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