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natural coloured pearl necklace

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Ivanka Trump Won't Bully You Into Buying Her Jewelry (blog)-Jul. 7, 2015
These [pearl] earrings were a gift from my husband when my son Joseph was born. He is very sweet—sometimes he'll give me a nice piece of jewelry and then ...
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43 Spanish Royal Pearls Come to Christie's Auction Block

Robb Report-Nov. 22, 2015
As part of the Important Jewels auction on 2 December 2015, Christie's presents this rare, 19th century natural coloured pearl necklace (estimate: ...
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What Does the Term 'Modern Jewelry' Really Mean?

Observer-Oct. 29, 2015
“Pearls, for example, are something we're starting to see for holiday,” she continued. “But they're not done like your grandmother's pearl necklace, now they're ...

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Britt's Pick: Andreoli's Tahitian Pearl Bib Necklace

JCK-Dec. 1, 2015
Andreoli's bib necklace makes one hell of an impression, with a lattice, netlike design made up of round, bezel-set diamonds. Tahitian pearls in various colors ...

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