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Luxury jewelry brand

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Lord of the rings

The Economist (blog)-Nov. 2, 2012
The first sale, of 500 rings, was part of Christie's October 9th jewellery sale. ... Along with the pearl necklaces, art-deco brooches, gold bangles and diamond ...
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Paspaley faces social media wrath after Four Corners show on death ...

MuMbrella-Jul. 9, 2012
Luxury jewelry brand Paspaley is facing the wrath of social media users the day ... Four Corners looked into the death of Paspaley pearl diver Jarrod Hampton.
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Bella Fashion's New Hair Stick, Hair Twist, and Hair Forks Arrivals Add ...

PR Web (press release)-Jun. 15, 2012
New arrivals of more hair sticks, hair twists, and hair forks are now available at Bella Fashion Jewelry. New arrivals of the pearl hair sticks add unparalleled ...

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Jewelry, Italian Style

Jewelers Circular Keystone Online-Nov. 5, 2012
In 2001, before Veronica Mazzarese signed on as manager of her family's store, Mazzarese Fine Jewelry, she did a stint at a jewelry boutique in another state.

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