Sunday, March 17, 2019

lines of jewelry by the film's costume

Story image for pearl jewelry from New York Times

'Gatsby' Replicas for the Life of the Party

New York Times-May 15, 2013
Tiffany recently introduced two lines of jewelry by the film's costume and jewelry ... “Plus, in the book, Tom Buchanan gives Daisy a string of pearls worth ...
Story image for pearl jewelry from E! Online

Kate Middleton's Fave Jewelry Designer Launches Prince George ...

E! Online-Aug. 13, 2013
In fact, it wouldn't be all that surprising if the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted wearing the pearl Acorn necklace (inspired by the Middleton's family crest) or ...

Story image for pearl jewelry from North Shore News

Jewelry plays a starring role

North Shore News-May 10, 2013
Daisy's lavish hand ornaments, multi-strand pearl bracelets with adjoining ... For jewelry lovers of more modest means, Tiffany has introduced the Ziegfeld ...
Story image for pearl jewelry from New York Times

The Year of the Snake in a Bejeweled Garden

New York Times-Jan. 28, 2013
“The Impossible Collection of Jewelry” by the historian Vivienne Becker, to be ... apart from a conjunction of a classic pearl necklace with a futuristic 3D symbol.

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