Sunday, March 3, 2019

In French Polynesia, where Tahitian pearls are cultivated

Story image for tahitian pearls from Los Angeles Times

Jewels of the sea from French Polynesia's Gambier Islands

Los Angeles Times-Apr. 25, 2015
Dominique Devaux, Gambiers' prince of pearls, is the cooperative's ... His Tahitianassistant, Malvina, was wrapped in a floral pareu with a ...
Story image for tahitian pearls from Toronto Star

Discovering Tahiti's treasures — off the resort

Toronto Star-Dec. 15, 2017
TAHITI—As I round the back of the house, in search of a salle de bain, I run into three young girls — my host's daughters — playing with dolls ...
Story image for tahitian pearls from Reuters UK

Overproduction takes shine off Chinese pearls

Reuters UK-Sep. 9, 2008
SHANGHAI (Reuters) - The prices of the lustrous strings of pearls that line ... In French Polynesia, where Tahitian pearls are cultivated, the local ...

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