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high-end jewelry and collectible objects

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Golden pearls in NY exhibit speak of Filipino mythology 31, 2016
Hanan necklace weaves lustrous pearls with tendrils of gold, embellished ... the exclusive collection of golden South Sea pearls presented at Asia Society in ...
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Jewelry Trends That Will Define 2017

JCK-Dec. 19, 2016
“Used for years in high-end jewelry and collectible objects, enamel has become ... With some of the envelope-pushing designers giving us pearls in their most ...
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The 5 Strangest Jewelry Curse Stories, Because Diamonds Aren't ...

Bustle-Aug. 13, 2016
Beyond that, historically, jewelry curses are often invented aspects to give a potential buyer a little bit more flavor. (The La Peregrina Pearl owned by Elizabeth ...

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A rare gem: Jewelry designer finds creative place at Nutcracker Market

Houston Chronicle-Nov. 7, 2016
Mirta Tummino pours everything she's got into her jewelry collection. She mixes leather, beads and gemstones, along with metals. She uses diamonds ...

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