Sunday, March 17, 2019

double-strand pearl necklace

Story image for pearl jewelry from Huffington Post

Astoria Characters: The Jeweler Who Puts the Past Together

Huffington Post-Mar. 13, 2012
She opens a black box, and like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, presents a pearl necklace punctuated with a retro white butterfly pin. Next out are a ...
Story image for pearl jewelry from Daily Mail

How Kate Middleton's £48 fake pearls transformed a family's fortunes

Daily Mail-Dec. 18, 2012
The £48 fake pearl and cubic zirconia earrings were instantly familiar to Belinda Hadden ... They were part of a range of jewelry sold on her website Heavenly ...
Story image for pearl jewelry from CultureMap Houston

The best jewelry in Houston? Step inside this opulent lair and gawk at ...

CultureMap Houston-Jun. 30, 2012
... and accompanying double-strand pearl necklace. The two represent the broad range of possibilities within the Wayne Smith universe, everything from original ...
Story image for pearl jewelry from Danbury News Times

A place to make beautiful things

Danbury News Times-May 16, 2012
Burke -- who taught metalsmithing and jewelry-making at the Brookfield Craft Center for years -- opened Guilded Lynx last fall to offer a full-fledged studio in ...

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